Monday, 24 December 2012


To anyone else reading this... Welcome! If you can learn from the ideas, manoeuvres and mistakes chronicled here, then I'll be stoked. I know I certainly will - and these lessons are the reason I'll be blogging about my DreamTeam, Tbetta Than You, across the entire 2013 season.

I want to know what I was thinking when I did certain things - why did I trade in Player X over Player Y? Why did I originally think Player Z would average a certain amount? Which players totally escaped my thinking? These are very tough questions to answer in retrospect; especially in the ever-changing world of Fantasy AFL.

Hopefully I'll have the time to update this blog at least once a week during the season, and whenever a whim takes me prior to Round 1. 2013 is the year I take accountability for my fantasy decisions, so expect to see an attempt to justify any actions I make, such as Captain choices and, of course, Trades.

Anyway, welcome to my little experiment. If you've made it this far into my mission statement of sorts, then you're obviously as addicted to DT as I am, and I'd love to hear your thoughts over the year. Feel free to comment as you choose (respectfully, of course), or alternatively, simply tweet me at @Tbetta9.

Happy DTing!

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