Saturday, 5 January 2013

Team - 5th Jan

It's a new year, but my team is pretty much the same collection of blokes I had sitting there two weeks ago. Nothing too drastic has happened in the AFL world (short of Harley Bennell getting arrested), and until the NAB Cup rolls along, I don't imagine too much will change. However, I have warmed to and cooled significantly on some players, based on further analysis and discussions with budding DT coaches.

Since the last iteration, I've made the following changes:

Naitanui OUT - Goldstein IN
This is kind of a change to temper my expectations a little. I was dead-set keen on waltzing into 2013 with a NicNat-Berger ruck combo, but an off-season groin operation has me thinking twice. Positive reports of a timely recovery may just be to appease the dreadlock-mad Eagle fans, so I'm pulling out now before I get too attached and face crippling depression later. Note that I've switched Cox into the forward line to keep that DPP link, but I've noticed that he's now effectively my most expensive forward, which is causing me to think twice about the 31 year old... But for now, he's in, especially if NicNat isn't.

Goldstein no longer has to compete for time in the middle now that McIntosh has left for greener pastures and able swingman Cam Pederson has followed suit. Unless Petrie remodels himself as a ruck-first rather than a pinch-hitter or Majak Daw remodels himself as an actual AFL footballer, Goldy will soak up a lot of fertile minutes. Definitely under-priced at an average of 79.

Growden OUT - Byrnes IN

The lack of forward rookies is killing me, so I've decided to change it up a little structurally and swap a rook for a mid-pricer. Despite repeated spruiks on Twitter, I just don't buy that Growden will play enough games, or score enough points when he does play, to justify selection. In saying that, he's probably still my/our best option, which is the problem. Getting rid of him does leave me a Mid/Fwd rookie short, and I really hope that one of the other available DPPs steps up big time over the off-season.

I've decided to bring in Byrnes at this stage. I'm not completely convinced yet, and as usual, NAB Cup efforts will go along way to convincing me either way. I'm a huge fan of the ex-Cat, having successfully predicted his break-out season in 2009 (19 games at 85.3 avg) - a coach and player don't go through such an emotional experience without some sort of lasting bond... Anyway, he's priced at a 44.5 average, and I can't see him not blitzing that, even if he plays more up forward than through the middle. 

So yeah, that's it. Like I said, not a lot going on - but that hasn't stopped me thinking about possibilities. Here's an random bunch of mental notes I'm digitising for future reference:

  1. I'm basically all-in on Goddard/Gibbs/Broughton already, which means that I'm only looking for one more Premo, or possibly a mid-pricer instead. I guess it's nice to have one line semi-set (rookies will work themselves out in the very distant future), but sometimes it feels a little suffocating, having locked in two-thirds of your Defenders already.
  2. Duffield is currently my chosen 4th Premo, but I am in no way committed to him; despite how handsomely he rewarded me after I traded him in late last season. I love the look of Hamish Hartlett (Def/Mid for $421k) but I'm worried it's too risky a pick given his constant hamstring issues. And is it just me, or is Chris Yarran ridiculously cheap, priced at 60.4? Yep, he was substituted in 4 games last season due to turf toe - no wonder he's underpriced. Hmm.
  3. I'm getting cold feet with Beams. I love him, massive DT slut (the best kind), but how much can he really improve on his incredible 2012 (116.4 avg)? Especially if Collingwood's reign of terror is on the decline? On the flip side, teammate Scott Pendlebury is marginally underpriced due to dealing with a fractured leg over the second half of the season, which complicates things for me. I'll come back to this one.
  4. Still can't believe Cox is currently my most expensive forward. Something about it seems so... taboo. I'm extremely nervous about picking someone who's 31 and if we're being logical, on the decline. NAB Cup will either steel me or scare me off.
  5. Why don't I have Buddy?!
  6. I wonder if Brent Macaffer is a shout for a regular spot this season? At just $132k in a rookie-light forward line is tempting, especially when he averaged 76 in 2010.
  7. Scott Selwood is seriously seducing me. $504k sounds expensive, but that represents an average of just 97.7. He averaged 114.7 in the first 6 games last season, and I'm convinced that a lack of pre-season (he spent the off-season having back surgery then later walking laps, basically) caused him to burn out early. He went back to a tagging role in the 2nd half of last year, lowering his output to 90 a game. Apparently he's dominating pre-season so far, and I fully believe that he'll be utilised purely as an attacking mid as long as he's healthy. Somebody stop me...
So that's where the team lies as of January 5th. I doubt it will change too much over the next month, with many of my current players selected pending NAB Cup form. Until then, I'll probably explore DPP options, to make sure every available link is on my watchlist heading into the pre-season comp.

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  1. I'm really liking your blog and look forward to reading it throughout the season as well as your work over at DTTalk.

    I wonder with Daisy recovering from ankle surgery and the possibility of coming back slightly under done for Round 1, whether you would be better off moving Rockliff into your forward line and finding another premium midfielder?

    Keep up the great posts. :)

  2. Cheers for the comment - you'll notice in my next post I've done exactly that - well, at least shafted Daisy and switched Rocky into the mids. With the next trading rules, DPP isn't so crucial so I'm not so hell-bent on getting a Mid/Fwd link.